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4 Stages of Sarcoidosis

When diagnosed, one is usually told which of the 4 stages of sarcoidosis that you have. Sarcoidosis is divided into 4 stages of progression from least to most severe.


The above photos show stage I, III and IV.  You can see how the progression of the infiltration has grown from the first to the third photo.

Stage I and II Sarcoidosis

Stage I Sarcoidosis is photographed in the above left photo. It is characterized by “BHL” which stands for Bilatera Hilar Adenopathy, which means enlargement or depression of a lymph gland  (both sides) where vessels and nerves enter.  Stage II also has some other organ involvement, while stage I does not. Between 55-90% of Stage I patients go into remission and between 40-70% of stage II patients do. These stages are the earlier stages and often people are not even diagnosed at this stage, since the symptoms are relatively subtle.

Stage III Sarcoidosis

Stage III Sarcoidosis accounts for about 15% of sarcoid patients. The center photo is of a stage III patient lungs. It is characterized by much organ involvement, greater amounts of granulomas in the lungs but no lymph gland size changes. Between 10-20% of the patients at this stage go into remission

Stage IV Sarcoidosis

The photo at the right is of stage IV Sarcoidosis. This is where there are signs of fibrosis.  This means there is scar tissue forming in the sacs inside the lining of the lungs and there is other organ involvement.  5-10% of patients have this stage of sarcoidosis, and the remission rate is 0-5%.

Back to Stage O Sarcoidosis

There is also stage O sarcoidosis, which shows little involvement and between 50-90% of patients with this stage of sarcoidosis go into remission.  Between 5-10% of sarcoidosis patients fall into this category, but this is where I want us all to head. Treatment for sarcoidosis only offers symptomatic relief, so moving from stage IV to stage O is something that we patients are not given any professional advice about. My X-rays looked like something between stage III and stage IV, and yet I found my way back to health outside of the doctors office.  If you get in touch with me, I will share my basic plan about how to get rid of this disease.  I want to help you to begin your own path to healing and move from the 4 stages of sarcoidosis to the O stages of sarcoidosis!

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  1. corey jett says:

    We need help right now, please help.

    • admin says:

      Dear Corey –
      Please give me more information and I’ll help you if I can.
      What is going on with you?

      ~ Linsey

  2. mangalam ramani says:

    I am in stage 3, with TB and fungal Pnuemonia. Understand the infiltrates are spreading.

    • admin says:

      Dear Mangalam ~
      I would like to help you. Have you read my book yet?
      It gives an overview of what my approach will be.
      After that, if you want to work with me, you could let me know what some good times are for you and we can set up an appointment to talk.
      Where do you live?

  3. I have several questions to ask someone if you are willing to answer the questions. Here we go why do I have joint pain all the time n why I have to take 5mg prednisone every day

    • admin says:

      Hey Devon – I can’t tell you why these things happen. This disease has it’s own course and symptoms. What I do feel is that if you follow a more alkaline diet, many of the symptoms (and eventually the disease) will go away. There is a great book called “Alkalize or Die” by Dr. Theodore A Baroody. It sounds scary, but it has a lot of help there. See how you do with that!

  4. Shannon says:

    please help with sarcoidosis and how you found relief and which treatments you used

  5. Laura says:

    My mom has this.. and it scares me :( whats the name of the book? and any suggestions of what I can do to help her? :’(

    • admin says:

      The book is titled, “The Flow of Health” and it is free on my website – just include your email and information, and you will receive it online.
      What you can do first for your mother is to love her and let her know that you believe in her. If she wants to heal from this, she needs to believe that is possible.
      There are many things to do, and as I said, my book explains a lot of options. Have her get in touch with me if she would like to talk more.
      Getting into a healthy routine will make a big difference – consistency is the key. Meditate, yoga, walking, eating well, rest, acupuncture and/or other health support -
      there is a lot to do, but the will, determination and consistency is the most important thing. It could take time, but healing IS possible!

  6. kimi says:

    hi,am an African girl aged 23 studying in Europe.October 2011 i was diagnosed with sarcoidosis on an xray which i had taken because of bronchial pneumonia.when they told me it was incurable i cried so much but then i thanked God it wasn’t a lymphoma.the problem is my doctors claimed that my case was different because they had never treated a black patient before and so the disease behavior varied between different races.i felt so alone but i decided to start on prednisone as they had prescribed.after two months i was back at the hospital,this time with a TB infection.due to compromised immunity because of the prednisone the TB spread outside my lungs and i got intestinal this time my health was deteriorating first.i needed answers of what was happening.i was so furious that the only answer the doctors gave me was that because i was from a different race maybe that’s why my disease was acting up.a month later i flew back to my country accompanied by a doctor.i thought i was going home to die but things turned out differently.i finished my anti-TB drugs late last year.i have not had a follow up on my sarcoidosis because am too scared to have a repeat of what happened.three weeks ago my neck lymph nodes became swollen and today i came across your blog.what i have read so far has given me a bit of sorry for my long story

    • admin says:

      Dear Kimi – Don’t apologize for the long story. It sounds very difficult.
      Do not give up hope. That is the first thing. There are many options out there for you, but you need to have hope and believe that you CAN heal.
      If you read my book, you will get some ideas about where to start. Have you improved your diet?
      I would suggest you stop eating sugar right away and start eating lots of fruits and vegetables. This is the first thing you can easily do.
      And drink lots and lots of water – good plain water.
      Once you begin doing this and read my e-book, please get back to me and we can talk more.
      The most important thing is that you take charge of your life and that begins with your thinking and your diet.
      Good luck!

  7. Charlotte says:

    Please help I’m 13 and my uncle has sarcoidosis he has had it for about 5 years and it won’t go it is so bad that he struggles with breathing he is not able to get a job or anything and always feels isolated so please help!!!!

    • admin says:

      I’m sorry for you and for your uncle. If he would like to talk with me, have him get in touch with me. The isolation is very difficult.

  8. Deborah Adams says:

    Please let me know how I could help my husband who refuses to take medication and follow the doctor’s strict guideline. He has stage IV sarcodosis.

    PS..he also work in areas that require masks with NO mask on

    • admin says:

      Your husband is in charge of his life. Your job is to love and support him, but he needs to make his decisions, even if they don’t seem to make sense to you.
      I didn’t take any of my doctors prescriptions either, but I did seek out alternative (natural) support for my health. Perhaps your husband would like to try other things
      besides what the doctors are offering. I suggest you ask him what he wants and help support him on his journey. It’s hard being sick, and feeling empowered would be a good
      thing for him – help him see what his options are and support what he wants to do. That would be my advice.

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